Birthday Parties

Birthday parties seem to take on different forms as you age. And some people dismiss their value when
But, the truth is that birthday parties can be very special and meaningful with character appearances

  • Social benefits – Before anything else, spending time with others combats loneliness.
  • Family bonding – A birthday party is an apt time to bring family members together and catch-up. It can also strengthen family ties and a sense-of-belonging and love.
  • Memories – Your loved one has a lot to tell and share. Giving them the opportunity to do so can be rewarding for them and you. So, why not make a habit of celebrating their birthday, each year, and let them say a few words.
  • Appreciation – How do you feel when someone shows you appreciation? Pretty good, huh. Imagine that seniors feel the same. A birthday party is all about showing appreciation, at-least it can be.
    Birthday parties are great for all ages, as long as they are age-appropriate. When it comes to seniors, you might want to keep the focus on togetherness, with family and friends.
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Draw a crowd

When you book Prime Mascots® for your birthday party is the perfect way for any young fan to celebrate their birthday with their friends and family! We have Wide range of Characters to choose from – if you can’t see what you want we can tailor something to suit you, Or perhaps suggest few mascots for your event

Having a special guest at an event can draw a crowd, and make a birthday child feel super special – the photos will be treasured!  Kids and adults, love to share a snap of themselves with a famous character

Professional Actors

Professional Actors Creating Magical & Authentic Children’s Parties

With authentic characters, music, lighting, live singing, games, prizes, coronation ceremonies and stunts we bring everything with us to provide all the entertainment for your child’s party.

Founded in 2013 our family run business includes a team of professional singers, dancers, actors and stunt performers creating magical and bespoke experiences for every child – our independent 5-star reviews show that no detail is overlooked. Every year we sing hundreds of happy birthdays, hug countless new friends, surprise unsuspecting children and attend parties and events across the whole of the East Midlands – add yourself to these growing numbers and contact us today.

We are more than just a costume – At Absolutely Amazing Parties we believe that in order to create a spellbinding and memorable time for your child’s birthday party, event or meet and greet our characters stay in character  for the duration, are Disney, Princess, Star Wars and Superhero experts and speak with the characters correct dialect.  Combine this with theatre training and custom made costumes every detail is perfect – bringing the same magic, authenticity and performance you would find in the popular American theme parks.

Unique and unforgettable

-We provide a unique and unforgettable experience with the best quality mascots in the region. 
-Our experienced artists are experts in operating mascots and making them appear completely realistic. 
– The mascot operators are skilled in acrobatics and dancing, and have excellent knowledge of party games & dances, which are very entertaining for kids and also for adults! 
-We offer a professionally structured process from start to finish which can be fully relied upon. 
_ Gifts & Cards are presented by the mascot at the beginning of the appearance. 
_We always prioritise the health and safety of our clients. 
_Hygiene: Mascots and operators ✅
_Employer and public liability insurance ✅
_ All our mascot operators are DBS checked ✅ 

In order to reserve your booking, we require a £25 deposit. 
The remaining balance must be paid 7 days before your event. 
We accept PayPal , Card Payments & Bank Transfers. 
We are very busy! please contact us to finalise the deposit and secure your booking date.

Choose your favourite character to make a surprise visit for you, your child or a loved one, suitable for any occasion!

Whether you want a surprise appearance at your party, Princesses and Superheroes to mingle and perform at your corporate event, or any unique idea that you may have. We can provide bespoke appearances which can be tailored to suit any occasion. Please contact us with your ideas and we can provide an event created especially for you.