Through mascots appearances and character walkabouts we focus on the guest experience and interract with your audience with no age bias – a simple mascot gesture, interraction and emotion will guarantee that your event will have a well defined outcome. Whether it’s a mascot meet and greet, character flashmob or cosplay stage performance followed by a posed photo opportunity we will create a memorable impression and establish relationships that can’t be formed through any other type of marketing effort.

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Mascots are incredibly effective marketing tools, they act as “spokes characters” that can endorse your company on a personal level. 

As part of the package, we include an online poster and advertising video showcasing your event details for your social media, along with comprehensive video and photography solutions on the event day and turn it into a promotional video and deliver it perfectly to your brief. 


Mascots are symbolic of a company’s products or services that allows better customer engagement.

Do you have a design or perhaps you would like us to design your mascot for you? Companies use Brand Mascots to promote their advertising and marketing strategies, it can make your brand more attractive, engaging and recognisable to customers. We can schedule strategic mascot appearances in your branches nationwide. 

Brands that use mascots or special characters in their campaigns observe over 40% increase in their profits. The improved emotional connection they develop with their audiences is the reason for this improvement.

We would love to create your branding mascot and carry out your onsite character appearances where you would have stress free campaigns working with the best mascot operators in the business. Marketing mascots can boost your campaign whether it’s brand awareness, rebranding, product launch or public marketing, we can help increase identification and make customers connect with your brand, we can also help you convey your brand story and make a more profound impression on customers.

Any action your company takes with us will attract an audience to your product or service through high quality appearances and interactions. Strengthen your brand with us and ultimately increase sales. Get in touch to find out what we have for your business and how we are going to do it.

Mascots Video creation

Mascots not only communicate the brand’s features, but they also demonstrate that individuals choose to be exposed to advertisements because they are interested in the mascot, which helps increase the brands exposure , awareness and ultimately increase sales. Contact us to create regular promotional mascot visual content to promote your brand. Using something that is visually attractive will definitely catch a person’s eye, using mascots visuals as a way to promote a business is a no brainer really. To get attention your brand needs to stand out and be memorable, and that’s exactly what mascots and characters do!

Whether it’s a human , animal or an object mascot we can bring life to it and add a personal touch to your brand’s image and make it more interactive with your online audience through creating consistent video content. We provide you with the videos and all your marketing team will need to do is click upload.  Videography Mascot branding is one of the most creative and intriguing ways to establish brand recognition. Get in touch and add a unique touch to your brand’s vision and marketing strategy through innovative and entertaining ways.  Strategic Mascots videography is a revolutionary tactic to impart product knowledge and maximize your brand’s exposure.